Drive for Show, Putt for Dough: Memoirs of a Golf Hustler
Leon Crump
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In 1958, Leon Crump took a week off from his job to play golf, fell in with a group of gamblers and won $1,300. He hasn't gone back to work since. For almost 40 years now, he's been golfing his way around the South in a renegade career filled with rollercoaster highs and lows. On his best day, he's won a years salary; his worst set him back almost that much.

Filled with high drama and deadpan humor, this compulsively readable book tells how Crump became America's preeminent golf hustler. Along the way, it also reveals some hard-earned truths to help readers battle their way through their own weekend wars. There are hints on how to psyche yourself up and "read" opponents; advice on when and how to bet; and ingenious tricks such as "doctoring" clubs or driving balls out of Dixie cups. Offering a fresh, offbeat approach to golf, Drive For Show, Putt for Dough is sure to be a hit with today's crop of take-no-prisoners players.