The Caesars Palace Book of Sports Betting
Bert Randolph Sugar
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St. Martin's Griffin
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Expert Advice from The Ceasars Palace Sports Book of Betting:

"Check out the Monday morning stats: anywhere from two-thirds to three-quarters of the winning teams will average more yards-per-pass than their opponents. There's no doubt about it: the running attack has no more effect on the outcome of a game than a deck chair blowing off the deck of the QE2 has on the course of the ship."

"The only angle we know is that any legs at all is the 'instant revenge' theory. This angle works when NBA teams face each other in back-to-back games in two different cities during the regular season. Bet the team that loses the first game to cover in the second, regardless of favortism of home-court advantage."

"In the World Series team pitching is paramount. Consider the two staff ERAs in relation to their league ERAs and prefer the team with the greatest difference( Lest we forget, American League teams will always show more runs scored, courtesy of the designated hitter.) Also compare shutout totals; a big difference will point to the more dominant staff."

Money Management:
"It is a good policy to maintain a separate bankroll for parlays. When you find a good parlay opportunity, take advantage of the higher odds and bet proportionately less on the parlay while making your normal bets on the individual games."

Although Bert Sugar and Ceasars have a friendship that dates almost back to the games in the ancient Roman Colosseum, the tips and opinions expressed in this book are strictly Mr. Sugar's and not those of Ceasar's palace. We've seen Bert Bet.