Beyer on Speed
Andrew Beyer
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Houghton Mifflin
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Critics and handicappers adore him. The Boston Globe once called him "the manic evangelist, grand guru, and scholarly professor of handicapping." His books espouse strategies and betting philosophies that have shaped the sport. But the true measure of Andrew Beyer's impact on handicapping is that his very name has become part of the horseplayer's terminology. Beyer's speed figures, first introduced almost twenty years ago in Picking Winners, revolutionized racetrack betting. But not until 1992, when the Daily Racing Form included Beyer Speed Figures in past performances, did they become widely available. Now, in Beyer on Speed, the author shows how to make speed figures the focal point of an effective betting strategy. Written in Beyer's clean, rapid-fire prose, Beyer on Speed explains how to relate speed figures to such factors as pace, track bias, and track conditions.