Wake Up Crap Shooters: And Join the Dice Revolution
Charles C Westcott
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This book is a wake up call for the experienced craps player who is familiar with the basics of the game. This book starts where most other books leave off. It will take you to new heights in the dice world.

It is a revolutionary way of playing craps in the modern world. You will be exposed to dice setting, gripping, tossing, spinning and controlling the bounce. You will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to become a dice influencer. Some people call it dice control.

Material in this book cuts right to the chase with no holds barred. It includes personal experiences along the way. This is a step-by-step manual on how to accomplish what the casinos say can't be done. The controversial material in this book tells how the dice revolution is spreading across the country. You might be in it.