Chi Chi's Golf Games You Gotta Play
Chi Chi Rodriguez
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Human Kinetics Publishers
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From great golf games to invaluable tips from one of the greatest golfers ever, Chi Chi Rodriguez scores a hole in one in Chi Chi's Golf Games You Gotta Play. Designed to break the monotony of “hit it, chase it, find it, count-‘em-up golf,” Golf Games You Gotta Play provides unique insights to improve your shotmaking abilities and bring a whole new level of enjoyment to every hole that you play—no matter what your handicap.

Chi Chi is one of the most popular figures in sports. With 8 PGA wins and 22 Senior PGA titles, he's a distinguished member of the Golf Hall of Fame. John Anderson is one of ESPN's rising stars and a regular Sportscenter cohost. Together, in Golf Games You Gotta Play, the two combine their love for golf and singular sense of humor in a book that will help you develop your skills and possibly pad your pocket with friendly wager ideas.

From the classics to Bus Driver, Tombstone, Blind Nine, and Rabbit, Chi Chi covers countless ways you can make each shot count, no matter what your handicap. You'll find performance tips for stroke and match play and ways to add competitive situations to any playing combination from singles to foursomes. High-Low-Total, Best Ball/Aggregate— any way you add the scores, it all adds up to fun in this incredible book.

Along with the fun, Chi Chi covers the essential skills of the game: posture, ball position, body alignment, and more. You won't just learn the various grips for the club; you'll know which golfer uses which style to drive the ball for the distance. Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods are just a few of the legends you'll encounter on this inside look at the game.

Chi Chi Rodriguez is synonymous with two things: good fun and great golf. And you'll find both in this fun and fascinating book. With instructions for each game, an emphasis on improving skills, and the wit and wisdom of one of golf's living legends, there's simply no other conclusion—Golf Games You Gotta Play is a must-buy for any golfer.