The Poker Pack : For the Girls' Night Out
Jane Barnstuble
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Barron''s Educational Series
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Poker has graduated from the sometimes seedy world of back rooms clouded with cigar smoke and inhabited by tough, hard-bitten gamblers. Today's poker renaissance, boosted by the Internet and TV, has entered millions of ordinary households--and it will surprise nobody that contemporary women are not merely flocking to play the game, but are playing poker with all the skill and daring of veteran male card experts. One of the first things that poker beginners learn is that the thrill of the game extends beyond the risk of winning or losing considerable amounts of money. They quickly find that playing for pennies, matchsticks, or plastic chips can become just as compelling as playing for hard cash. Here's an attractive set to introduce poker to those fair ladies who haven't yet learned the game. It includes a color illustrated book that sets down the basic rules, game variations, and strategies. It also offers helpful notes on poker psychology and etiquette. Included with the book is a deck of playing cards, a set of poker chips, a scoring pad, and a pencil. Designed especially for girls, here is a great introduction to the world's most popular card game.