Powerful Profits from Slots
Victor H. Royer
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Lyle Stuart
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This year, almost 98% of all visitors to casinos will play slots at least once during their visit. Finally, here is the clear, straightforward advice that will ensure that readers will be the next players to yell "jackpot " For anyone who has ever wondered why some slot players seem to win while playing these elusive machines, while others just feed them their money, Power Profits from Slots is the groundbreaking new book from gambling czar John Royer. In this second book in his Powerful Profits series, Royer provides a step-by-step guide to understanding the modern world of computerized slots, both reel spinners and the newest of the multiline and multidenominational video slots. Beginning with the history of the slot machines, Royer unmasks the various ploys used by casinos, their marketing and advertising techniques, and the manufacturers' lures to players. Readers will learn how to avoid pitfalls and how to select the best games. Royer demystifies the entire slot machine process, from manufacture to marketing, and shows aspiring slot players how to empower themselves to select the best possible slot playing experience. Here are all the winning tips, including: -- Select a casino offering 94% or better payback on their slot carousels. -- Don't try to "push your bet." If the machine pays, off manage your money. Machines run in cycles. If you win, find another machine. -- Always play maximum coins. Never play without betting the maximum coins allowed for that machine.