Powerful Profits from Internet Poker
Victor H. Royer
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Kensington Publishing Corporation
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The games are virtual—the profits are real!

Poker is hotter than ever, and these days, you don’t need to live near a casino to play! Internet poker offers the ideal solution for players who know the basics and are looking for a fun, easy way to get into a game. But with dozens of sites offering hundreds of games, how do you pick the ones that offer you the best—and most lucrative—gaming experience?

Powerful Profits from Internet Poker is the all-in-one guide to getting the most out of online poker, featuring outstanding advice from celebrated gambling columnist and casino insider Victor H. Royer. Royer explains how and why online games differ from regular games, and teaches you how to avoid common pitfalls and adapt your game to the specialized demands of online play. You’ll get a complete overview of all the major Internet poker websites, with ratings on key elements, including ease of play, bonuses offered, tournaments, customer support, and overall experience. Plus you’ll pick up insider tips on Internet strategy and online tells.

Powerful Profits from Internet Poker is the first book to answer the real questions posed by real Internet players, including:

What fees am I going to have to pay?

What are the applicable laws and how can they affect me?

How do I get to play in the big-money tournaments?

Can I be cheated? How?

How does "buddy play" affect me?

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned player, this indispensable guide will provide everything you need to know to enhance your enjoyment of the game, improve your skill, and reap truly powerful profits.