Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! How to Win at Craps Using a Controlled Dic
Frank Scoblete
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In words and pictures, dice control experts Frank Scoblete and Dominator will show you what it takes to develop a Golden Touch controlled dice throw at craps. But that's not all. You'll get to read what the Golden Touch Craps dice control instructors have to say about all aspects of getting an advantage at the game. The Golden Touch Craps dice control instructors are the greatest dice controllers in the world. Join them and learn how to make craps a winnable game for you. You will learn: the Physical Elements of Dice Control - the stance, the scan, the dice sets, the grab, the grip, the pickup, the throw, the backspin, and the bounce; where and how to land the dice; how to hit the back wall properly; the proper arc for the dice on different types of tables; the proper betting to exploit your edge over the casinos; the proper betting on random rollers; how to use the Captain's 5-Count; the proper bet spreading techniques; how to get more comps for less risk; how to get a monetary edge over the casinos - even against random shooters; how to employ camouflage to cover your dice control skills; the proper bankroll needed to play at various betting levels; the P.O.W.E.R. Plan for educated risk takers; how to fix the most common problems that can hurt your shooting; and, how to form winning dice control teams. Read the legendary Captain's advice and the advice of the Golden Touch Craps instructors: Jerry 'Stickman', Howard 'Rock 'n Roller', Billy the Kid, Mr. Finesse, Street Dog, Bill Burton, Wordslayer, No Field Five, Pit Boss, Chip, Tenor and Satch, an original member of the Captain's Crew.