Winning at Craps: A New Look at an Old Game (Gambling - How to Win Series)
Richard F. Schulte
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Mead Co
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Veteran craps player Richard Schulte designed this book to do for the game of craps what Beat the Dealer did for blackjack; it should be of great interest to beginners with little or no knowledge of the game, as well as veterans who are tired of losing.

As the basis on which the author builds his premise is an examination of the percentages of the various craps bets. After careful and painstaking analysis, Schulte has determined that certain time-honored assumptions are not verifiable in actual play; for example, he has determined that the house advantage fluctuates, rather than remaining static, as most players presume.

Winning at Craps explains the best and worst bets, outlines a realistic money management strategy, provides information on junkets, comps, sucker bets, and much more. Size: 5.5" x 8.5".