101 Ways to Win at Craps!
Larry Edell
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Leaf Press
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You get 101 profitable methods to WIN at craps - PLUS $50 worth of FREE gambling coupons! You'll be able to win more money using proven expert systems like the 410 Again, 4x4, CrossOut, Fibonacci and many others! You'll be able to increase your profits by maximizing your advantage on pass, come, buy, lay and don't bets! You'll know what to expect during tournaments and learn exactly how to move up to the next round and win! You'll learn the very best ways to pre-set the dice, establish your grip and maintain an expert throw! You'll learn how to get the best deals with prop bets, crapless craps, sic-bo, electronic craps, the internet, and much more! You'll see how to become a profitable, consistently successful craps player by learning how you can play to win! PLUS - You get $50.00 worth of FREE coupons!