Blackjack's Hidden Secrets, Win Without Counting (New & Expanded Edition)
George Pappadopoulos
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Short, concise and to the point. This blackjack book doesnt beat around the bush. Its easy to read, simple to understand and uncomplicated to apply. You can be playing, with this no card counting system, in just an afternoon and taking advantage of its 78% win average. Blackjack's Hidden Secrets, Win Without Counting shows you how to determine the exact amount of money you should bring to the casino and how to spot hot and cold trends. It will have you automatically betting more when youre hot, less when youre not and teaches you when to leave. Winning at blackjack is more than a possibility, its a proven mathematical fact! This system also has its very own tutor card, which can be taken to the tables with you, so youll never feel alone or lost for answers.