Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins
Iliya Bluskov
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Lotbook Pub
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This is a book for players or groups of players, who want to play more than six numbers and more tickets in a well-organized, highly-balanced, and entertaining way. The strategies outlined in the book can be used in any pick-6 lottery in the world. The author has used advanced methods of combinatorics and optimization to design the most economical lottery system (wheel) for any given guarantee. Each system in his book comes with a complete table of possible wins. The lottery player will find systems with double and multiple guarantees, excellent navigational tools and presentation. It is a common belief that the lottery is a boring game and the only excitement comes from watching the draw and matching some of the winning numbers. This book shows that choosing the right way of playing your numbers, assessing the possible wins and filling the tickets can be as entertaining as a trip to Las Vegas!