Poker 6-7-8 Hold'Em Strategy Cards
Hal Marcus
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Stickysoft Corp.
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Two new Hold'Em poker basic strategy cards for the Pre-Flop, The Flop, The Turn (also known as 4th street), and The River (also called 5th street) are a poker player's roadmap to playing winning Hold'Em. The laminated, six-panel, tri-fold cards (with rounded corners) devote a total of eight panel sides to covering the strategy for all four rounds of betting. The 3.5" x 5" panel size makes possible larger, easier-to-read text than on the smaller, "credit card" size strategy cards, yet these cards still slip easily into one's shirt pocket. All panels are designed to fold in both directions and to lay flat no matter how the card is folded to make it easy for players to display the relevant panel. A strong endorsement from two-time world champion Doyle Brunson ("A powerful shortcut to Hold'Em success right in your pocket.") appears on the back of Card 2, along with his picture. The strategy tables for the Pre-Flop (located on Card 1) have color-coded decision cells in addition to displaying a short abbreviation for each decision (the legend below each table explains the abbreviations) so players have two different ways to remember the decisions. The use of several light colors of tinted shading for the backgrounds of the decision cells allows players to easily read the abbreviation for the decision in each cell. Three strategy panels cover players in Early Position, Middle Position, and Late Position. A fourth panel provides an alternative to the regular Late Position strategy and is called Late Position — "Aggressive", which is provided to allow more variation to help the player mislead his opponents. Also, each of these four strategy panels contains all of the 169 possible combinations of two-card starting hands, which allows users to always quickly find any possible two-card Pre-Flop hand. To facilitate even greater user friendliness, each of the four panels that contain strategy tables is divided into three sections: suited hands, unsuited hands, and pairs. Another panel on Card 1 contains a pithy, insightful discussion of the button, the blinds, and the positions to help players learn how to play the game, along with a brief example to learn how to use the card. Card 2 includes the strategies for The Flop, The Turn, and The River. Two of the panels on this card are devoted to strategy for the critical and complex Flop. A third panel provides the player strategy for The Turn, and a fourth panel furnishes the strategy for The River. The strategies on Card 2 are written in a style using short paragraphs to help the user consider various scenarios. Card 2 features a panel that defines outs and pot odds, and also provides definitions of some key terms. An example on Card 2 demonstrates how to determine pot odds. Finally, the titles of the four different betting rounds are also color-coded (in blue on Card1; red, green, and purple on Card2) so players can more easily and quickly distinguish one betting round from another when choosing the relevant panel when it's their turn. Most experts agree that the vast majority of poker players play too loosely, which means they play too many hands. Simply by more closely following the recommendations of the Poker 6·7·8 Hold'Em Strategy Cards, most players can improve their results. Besides poker's living legend Doyle Brunson, other experts whose endorsements appear on the cards include Mike Caro ("The Mad Genius of Poker"), Anthony Curtis (Las Vegas Advisor publisher and frequent commentator on the Travel Channel's Las Vegas shows), Bill Burton (author of a book on Hold'Em, and a gambling columnist for About.com), and Maryann Guberman (poker columnist and manager of the Gambler's Book Shop in Las Vegas). According to NBCSandiego.com (July 19, 2004), 80 million Americans are playing poker. Many of them play on the Internet, which affords a great opportunity to play poker using the Poker 6·7·8 Hold'Em Strategy Cards while at the same time none of the other