Professional Poker: The Essential Guide to Playing for a Living
Mark Blade
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Brownfield Publishing
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Have you ever fantasized about playing poker for a living? If so, Professional Poker is your indispensable guide. You will learn poker odds and expert-level playing skills that form the foundation of a pro's playing abilities, along with career issues such as managing bankrolls, work hours, tournaments vs. cash games, travel, emotional control, paying taxes, getting staked, and online play.

It also addresses in detail many important questions that very few other poker books ever answer, such as:

* Do You Have What It Takes To Play For A Living?

* Should You Quit Your Day Job? * Should You Just Play Part Time Instead?

* How Much Money Can You Really Make?

* How Much Do You Need To Get Started? * What Do The Pros On TV Know That You Don't?

Professional Poker outlines each step you will take in your transition to the professional level, and, if you're already there, introduces skills and valuable advice that will empower you to always play your 'A" game.

Early Praise For Professional Poker:

"Most people think that in order to play poker professionally, you just need to be a great player. Mark Blade shows you how much more to it there really is. This is the best poker career guide ever written, and if you're thinking about playing poker for a living, please don't quit your day job until you've read Mark's book. "Professional Poker" is a must read for anyone considering poker as a career." Lou Krieger – Author of Poker For Dummies, Hold ‘em Excellence, and More Hold ‘em Excellence

"It is well-written, excellently organized, highly informative, very accurate, and a needed addition to poker literature." Bob Ciaffone - Author of Middle Limit Holdem Poker, Improve Your Poker, and Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker

"I've written many popular poker books over the years and I've read over 400 more. Professional Poker by Mark Blade is the best book on the subject of poker ever written." Ken Warren – Author of The Big Book of Poker and Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold ‘em

"A sobering and refreshingly frank examination of playing poker for a living. Anyone who has the romantic impulse to make professional gambling a career needs to read this book first -- and reread it for guidance when the chips are down and up."

Michael Konik – FoxSports Poker Commentator and Author of Telling Lies And Getting Paid

"If you're even considering making poker a career, the first hand to play is to buy this book." Greg Dinkin – Writer for Card Player Magazine & Author of The Poker MBA