Stupidity and Slot Machine Players in Las Vegas
David A. Goldberg
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Stupidity and Slot Machine Players in Las Vegas is the book that the Las Vegas casinos do not want you to know about. This book exposes the ridiculous, hilarious side of slot machine players seen through the eyes of the slot attendants who wait on them. Just as poker and blackjack go hand-in-hand with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, slot machines represent the main source of revenue for every casino. Find out why movies and television shows don’t feature slot machine players. The gloves are finally off in telling the truth about these gamblers. The casinos cannot protect them any longer. Be prepared to learn about the ugly underbelly of Las Vegas—the average, everyday slot machine player. Along the way you will also learn what slot attendants really know about the slot machines. If you thought that playing a slot machine was as easy as pulling a handle or pushing a button, you will be amazed!