Championship Omaha (Championship S.)
Tom McEvoy
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Omaha poker is fast becoming the game of choice for action players and a prestigious event at the World Series of Poker. Clearly-written strategies and powerful advice from Cloutier and McEvoy-who have won four World Series of Poker titles in Omaha tournaments-show players the rules of play, best starting hands, strategies for the flop, turn, and river, how to read the board for both high and low, dangerous draws, how to win at low-limit and high-stakes games, how to play against loose and tight opponents, and the differing strategies for re-buy and freeze-out tournaments. Players learn the best starting hands, when slowplaying a big hand is dangerous, what danglers are and why winners don't play them, why pot-limit Omaha is the only poker game where you sometimes fold the nuts on the flop and are correct in doing so, and overall, how to win a lot of money at the game!