Craps and Smelling the Roses: Book II
Charles C. Westcott
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This book is for the beginner who has no knowledge of the game and wants to become an experienced player over night. The book also will bring the “old pro” up to date on some eye opening theories. This is Charles C. Westcott’s second book on craps, following his Craps Shooters Wake Up and Smell the Roses, which was directed at the experienced player. In his latest book, he has tried to help the beginner, who knows nothing about craps, and still help the experienced player as well. You will be given a guided tour of the game of craps from the moment you walk in the casino door, until you exit the cashier’s cage. He then takes you through the intricate maze of craps jargon and shows you how to become an intelligent player in all aspects of the game from table position to exiting the game with a profit. With this book he has tried to bring some logic to the game and wake up “would be” crapshooters so they can enjoy some big winning rolls.