Craps Strategy: How to Play to Win at Casino Craps
Michael Benson
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The Lyons Press
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Craps is not just the oldest game being played in today's casinos, but it is the most exciting as well-especially when the dice are hot. Played wisely, craps allows you to reduce the house advantage to near zero. Craps Strategy is a complete, easy-to-understand guide to maximizing your chances of winning at the craps table. Michael Benson teaches everything you need to know, including:
- The rules of play
- The percentages of certain rolls
- Which bets to make-and which to avoid
- Mental strategy
- When to roll'em, when to walk

You'll learn how to calculate the house advantage on each bet, how to enter and win at craps tournaments, and how to best manage your money. By looking at the case histories of successful players, Benson examines the different strategies that can move your craps playing experience from the loss column to the profit column. Also included are charts to help you learn the odds, a full glossary of craps terms, and a history of dice games.