Craps Across America: A Boomers Guide to the Gaming Life
Don Favero
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Beat the casinos by playing Craps? Live the high roller life by rolling the dice? Is it only a myth? Author Don Favero tells how he is living like a high roller on a low limit budget by playing Craps Across America. Over 30 states have legalized gambling, and casinos are within a day's drive from nearly any starting point in America. In his A Boomers Guide to the Gaming Life, our author takes you on his month long Craps Odysseys and illustrates his Five Playing Strategies that earn him on average $180 daily. Travel with him across the country and see how he is doing it. Favero acknowledges the Casino Edge inherent in this negative expectation table game, but explains how to turn mathematical probabilities on their head in the short run. His system of betting based on a few rolls of each shooter at the table is perhaps the most innovative approach to Craps in the past 50 years. He suggests that the casinos fear only an IRS audit more than his parlay strategy. Beginners and advanced Craps devotees alike will enjoy the narratives of his Craps games at specific casinos including the night when one player went "berserk" at a Craps table at an upscale Las Vegas casino. Learn what his downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street experiences have taught him and what he has gleaned from the Nevada residents who shoot craps almost everyday of the year. This is a book that scoffs at conventional Craps strategies and a must read for those who want to win consistently.