Gambling Theory and Other Topics
Mason Malmuth
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Two Plus Two Pub.
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Most people who gamble are attracted by the action and excitement that this form of entertainment offers. But a small number of people are actually quite successful at gambling. How is this so? Why is it that these few can constantly make decisions that devastate their opponents? And what do you need to do to also become successful at this extremely challenging occupation?

Gambling Theory and Other Topics was written in an attempt to answer these questions. In this book, you will be introduced to the dynamic concept of non-self-weighting strategies and shown how these strategies apply not only at the very exciting gaming tables but also in real life. In addition, risk and fluctuations are discussed in terms of the statistical standard deviation, and it is explained how these relate to each other as well as to your bankroll.

Some of the other topics addressed are bankroll requirements, win-rate accuracy, free bets, which blackjack count is best, lottery fallacies, dangerous ideas, poker tournament strategies (including when it is correct to rebuy), settling up in tournaments, pai gow poker, super pan nine, the world's greatest gamblers, building pyramids, and much more.

This text is absolutely must reading for all serious gamblers. Many of the ideas and concepts discussed must be mastered to ensure survival and success in this extremely challenging and highly rewarding profession.