Blackjack Essays
Mason Malmuth
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Two Plus Two Pub.
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Blackjack is not an easy game to beat in today’s modern casino environment. The days when you could master a count and expect to be a winner just do not exist anymore. As a result, winning at blackjack requires not only numerous skills, but also a lot of thinking about the game.

This manual is designed to help today’s modern blackjack player succeed in today’s moderm casino environment. Unlike most blackjack books, this text assumes that the reader already knows how to count cards and introduces techniques and concepts that should be useful to the successful player. The topics covered are card domination, theoretical concepts, blackjack biases, current blackjack, mistaken ideas, supplemental strategies, playing in a casino, obsolete techniques, and front loading. In addition, advice is offered on gambler's ruin, the one-deck game, back counting, betting strategies, head-up play, becoming a professional, casino preparation, first basing, and much more.

The book is designed to make the reader do a great deal of thinking about the game. In fact, very few readers will agree with everything the text offers, but the information provided should help most people become better players.