Beat the Bastard Casinos: Pre-Setting Dice--I Beat the Bastards, So Can You!!!
Zeke Feinberg
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This is the classic book by Zeke Feinberg titled "BEAT THE BASTARD CASINOS - PRE-SETTING THE DICE." Pre-setting the dice is the act of arranging the dice prior to shooting craps so that specific numbers appear next to each other.

Pre-setting the dice does not absolutely control the outcome of a roll, but it can profitably alter the outcome. In other words, it won't work all the time, but even if it works just some of the time, isn't it worth doing?

You will learn how to preset the dice in six different ways. (1) No 5s & 9s, four 7's (2) no 3s or 11s, four 7s, more outside place numbers (3) No 2s, 3s, 11s or 12s. Four 7s. (4) Two 7s, lots of place numbers (5) No 2's or 12s, two 7s, lots of place numbers, 4 and 10 hardways (6) No 2s, No 12s, two 7s, inside place numbers. You will learn exactly how to hold and shoot the dice - there are lots of illustrations. 128 pages.