Poker on the Internet
Andrew Kinsman
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D & B Publishing
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Over the past five years Internet poker has been gone from an industry very much in its infancy, enjoyed by a few hundred regular "play money" players, to a multi-million pound business, in which thousands of players around the world take part in real money games every day. With more than a dozen major sites in fierce competition for the online poker market, and new cardrooms being launched every few months, poker players nowadays face an unprecedented (and potentially bewildering) range of choices. Whether you are a newcomer to online poker or already play regularly, this book will provide you with the information you need to survive in the Internet poker jungle. It addresses the following questions: How do I choose an online poker room at which to play? How does online cardroom play differ from "live" cardroom play? Is there a risk of being cheated or colluded against? How can I use the Internet to improve my play? What newsgroups and other useful poker resources are available? And much more.