Online Ace: A World Series of Poker Champion's Guide to Mastering Internet Poker
Scott Fischman
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From one of the game’s most dynamic young champions, the definitive guide to online poker. Click here and start winning . . .

Nearly two million players go online each day to test their poker skills at virtual tables with real money. Few have made the transition from Internet poker to live tournament play as successfully as two-time World Series of Poker champion Scott Fischman, and in Online King he shares his expert insight, money-making wisdom, and priceless strategies for playing the game well. The first instructional book written by a renowned poker champion for Internet players (as well as those hoping to make the transition from computer games to live play) Online King gives readers invaluable instruction that can be put into practice immediately on his popular website, thefishtank.com. No matter what skill level you have now, Online King will raise your game.