Slot Operations the Myth and the Math
Richard Lehman
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published by the Institute for the Study of Gambli
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Over the years a number of books on casino operations have been written but the subject of Slot Operations has been neglected. A definitive guide to Slot Operations has been sorely needed by the gaming industry. The wait is over with the publishing of this book!

Slot Operations: The Myth and the Math is the definitive guide to slot operations that will soon become the industry's bible on this subject. This book is authored by Richard Lehman, a former vice president of slot operations at a number of resorts including Caesars Palace. Mr. Lehman is a slot expert who consults on this subject worldwide.

The book describes the rapidly changing slot industry with a true insiders viewpoint. Slot Operations covers topics such as slot departmental organization, personnel issues, policies and procedures of the slot department and all current slot operational issues in casinos today. The book continues and gives a detailed look at slot development with a great chapter on slot analysis. The book also gives detailed information on slot player tracking systems and their integrated usage.